Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 5 #11 Library Thing

I have attend several NLA conference about LibraryThing.
Until I tried it I never understood its appeal.
Oh, I like it! Now I can note items of special interests about various titles.

Very cool.

My Library Thing is " somebooks68 ". I choose to concentrate on books about knitting.
I didn't want to list the library book that I am reading. Note to self: Does it have the genre heading Erotica?

Week 5 : Play : Online generatory

BeadArt Harley's Birthday cake 2008

Magazine cover
He is the best.

K's play - Flowers 2007

Week 4 - RSS Feeds and Newsreader

Enjoyed reading about RSS and even setup my own RSS reader account, but I have not received
the email verification. I have ask them to send it several time and they say they have but it is not reaching my email.
I have checked everywhere in my account, even had a child check the address I used. I don't know what the PROBLEM is.
I have noted several blogs to add to my account.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 3 Technology

I have heard of Flickr, but I had never explored it.
Being a private person I don't understand why some people post their family pictures for everyone to see.
I expected a photo when I searched "Seattle" and "beach" and was pleasantly surprised when I got a short video clip. The clip was posted today! How is that for technology? 40 years ago only wealthy people could film anything then the film had to be mailed off to be developed and weeks passed before it was returned and could be viewed.
I was surprised when I saw a "semi-dressed" female as a center photo in a montage because I had just minutes earlier read that content would be edited to match the web site family setting.
Flickr would be great for sharing photos between families. My husband's family could use the site to post their photos and we could post our then our email would not be full and the individual pictures would be easier to find. (I would encourage them to select Family and Friends.)
I am sorry that I saw the color feature. Now the pictures created from many, many little pictures to picture one picture will not longer be as enchanting.

Because of modern techology I was able to browse the internet from home, speak on the cordless phone, watch a football game and heat up food in two minutes- microwave, while clothes turned in the dryer, while being warmed by central heat..

I would like to go back to Flickr and view more but I better read Week 4.

Week 2

Sent email to the O! What a Geek Team!

Add to call Mary at Main and ask why my blog could not be found
(had to verify the email address to Goggle).


I have started this blog 3 times.
Since 3 is a magically number, I will post this entry.

Learning - the acquiring of a new skill or knowledge

We are all involved in life long learning.

I like to teach people how to use the services (the catalog) that the library provides.

I think it was the 1st habit that I kept stumbling over: 1. Begin with an end in mind.
I know that I am to complete O, What a Greek by December. But I don't know what I am going to learn. I don't consider "finishing O, What a Greek" to be an end.

I completely accept responsiblity for my learning.

I have read week 1 & 2 several times.